Monday, September 1, 2008

Aladdin’s Natural Eatery, Pittsford, NY

Vegetarian Restaurant Review by Jennifer Kumar.

Meet and Greet
The last time we came here, this location was under construction. This time we are happy to report it was fully back to its original glory. Of course, it should have been since summer kicked off a few months ago!

We were immediately greeted at the door and sat inside. We could have opted to sit outside as it was a spectacular day and eating with an Erie Canal view is an experience in itself, but as we had just completed almost 25 miles of bike riding on the canal, we opted to eat inside.

Mise en Scène
We were sat on the ground level (which is on the same level as the Erie Canal) at a cozy table for two. Since I don’t remember sitting down here before the remodel took place, I can’t comment on the changes, though I can say since our last visit, with the upstairs inside and outside sitting areas functionable, it was very spacious.

We are glad it is a casual eatery. Since we had been biking, entering and enjoying our time here in our biking clothing, we did not feel under dressed or out of place at all. In fact, if you decide to take a long bike ride on the Erie Canal, I suggest you stop in here for a quick pick-me-up.

We did use the restrooms. I was surprised with the renovations that the downstairs bathroom did not have a functioning lock. I did use then decide to use the restroom upstairs. Both were clean, but the upstairs room more comfortable with the functioning lock.

Choosing a Veggie Treat
There are plenty of vegetarian options at this restaurant. I have always loved this restaurant and opted for the vegetarian options, even when I was first introduced to this restaurant in Ithaca, New York in 1994 when I was not yet a converted vegetarian! And, today with the weather being nice and sultry and our bike ride keeping us quite toasty, I felt so-in-the-mood for the cold options on the menu. I opted for the tzataiki, the yogurt soup, which to me is like Indian raita. (Made a bit more sour, watery, add a few green chilies, and drink it rather than eat it with a spoon, it’d be refreshing sambaram. A girl can dream, right?) Hubby decided to have the hot lentil soup. Together we shared the appetizer plate- hummus, falafel and tzataiki.

Check out the Ithaca Aladdin’s Menu, which is, for the most part is the same as Pittsford with minor additions/subtractions.

Checking In
Our waiter was very attentive. He checked on us in regular intervals. Food was bought to us in an efficient manner.

See you later

As with the service, bill collection and payment was uneventful and efficient.

Pay Scale

$6-10 per person
** This location was voted Best of Rochester, 2008 for "best meals under $10".

Tips We left 10%
Star System 3.5/5

To find/Contact
Aladdin’s Natural Eatery
8 Schoen Pl
Pittsford, NY 14534

(585) 264-9000
Directions to Aladdin's Natural Eatery

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