Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sinbad's Mediterranean

I've had two experiences eating the awesome Lebanese food served at Sinbad's this past month.

The first experience was two and a half weeks ago. I ate in the actual location on Park Avenue in Rochester, N.Y. I was recommended to try the vegetarian chili and the baba ganoush wrap. Oh, it was amazingly tasty. I had expected the baba ganoush to be cold, but it was nice and warm as the wrap was toasted. What a heavenly taste. Too good to eat quickly. Must be eaten slowly. The baba ganoush also is slightly chunky rather than totally pureed, which gives it texture and more taste.

The second experience I had eating their food was at the college. The college had ordered in and delivered it in for lunch the other day. It was a full spread- we had dolmades, hummus with pita bread, baba ganoush, tabuloeh, falafel, Greek salad, and incomplete without baklava.

A few months ago, we had forgotten about Sindbad's and purchased a few dozen baklavah at Mykono's Cafe for a party. They were very heavy and filling. But the baklavahs from Sinbad's were light and flaky. I recommend if you're new to Rochester, New York and want baklavahs buy them from Sinbad's. No one can resist Sinbad's baklavahs!

Food Rating (Sinbad's): 8 out of 10
Service Rating (Sinbad's): 8 out of 10
Hot Chocolate Rating (Sinbad's): 3 out of 10

Find the locations:

719 Park Ave, Rochester, NY - (585) 473-5655
Directions to Sinbad's

3423 Winton Pl, Rochester, NY(585) 475-0040
Directions to Mykono's

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