Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cheesecake Factory, Pittsford NY

Restaurant Review by Jennifer Kumar.

Today is our second visit to this eatery.

First time we came during afternoon, around 3pm to avoid rush. We had corn cakes- which were very good. I had eggplant burger, which was not what I expected it to be and would not want it again. I forgot what hubby had.

Today we went for Sunday Brunch. I had California Omelet. He had Joe's special. We both had baguette and breakfast potatoes as sides. The potatoes were good, but interestingly sitting in a puddle of oil. We were both surprised how much oil was left on the plate while and after eating the potatoes. His egg was scrambled, mine was omelet style with the items folded in (not added in the egg batter). My egg was very very yellow. It almost blinded me. Some people prefer this yellow color, I do not. It kind of freaked me out. The inside ingredients were OK. I could eat only half. (I should admit about an hour after leaving, I realized that one ingredient was supposed to be avocado, and that was missing from my omelet altogether). We had coffee for drinks and the coffee unfortunately also is not all that great.

The service was good. The place is very clean. The place most likely will be better for meat eaters and not minority vegetarians. I am also not very happy with pricing. The portions are big, but not worth the price tag. I have been to other eateries in our area with similar portion size, and the price was $2-3 or more less per plate. We may not go to Cheesecake Factory again because of overall dissatisfaction with taste and price, but if we do, we have made a pact that we will share the plate! (We may go back for the corn cakes which were the best thing since French bread.)

P.S. The portions are so big that each time we had no room for the cheesecake. And anyhow I am not too keen on cheesecake (is that unAmerican to admit?).

To find:
Cheesecake Factory
3349 Monroe Ave
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 381-8681
Directions to Cheesecake Factory, Rochester, NY

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