Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Denny's, Fishers, NY

Restaurant Review by Jennifer Kumar.

We went to eat breakfast at Denny's near Victor, NY the other day.

For the most part, we have avoided Denny's for being remembered as an oily spoon kind of joint- too much oil for one person to handle in one meal! When finishing the meal, I could literally see my reflection in the plate in the oily residue left behind.

Things we liked:
* Happy to admit, the quantity of oil used in our meals was much less than anticipated.
* We also liked the variety of breakfast choices. I had french toast and he had veggie omelet.
* I had a tasty new berry blended drink on the menu called
New Very Double Berry.
* The service was fast and courteous in spite of the amazingly full house.
* Affordable, and a coupon deal on top of that!

To find/contact:

7503 Main
Fishers, NY 14453
(585) 924-9270
Directions to Denny's, Fishers, NY

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